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PH10 Alkaline Ionized Water

​You're not sick, you're thirsty. Are you drinking the best water for your health?

Boasting of the following:

  • ISO 22000

  • SABS


  • Halaal

  • Kosher

  • BPA-free product

  • Voted Best Alkaline Water Company 2019 - South Africa

  • Voted Most Innovative Bottled Water Company 2019 - Africa

  • 3 years shelf life

  • Striking design

We also expect to achieve the following soon too:


  • GFSI

Available in:

  • 330ml

  • 500ml

  • 750ml

  • 1Lt

  • 5Lt


Flavoured sparkling water with Vitamin C enriched comets.

The comets “Jelly Balls” are infused with 7 distinct flavours.

Available in Blueberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Naartjie & Energy. With a pure refreshing taste, this drink is perfect for any occasion.

Boasting of the following:

  • 7 Flavours

  • Aspartame Free

  • Sugar-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Edible Jelly Balls

  • Ozone Enriched

Endorsed by:

  • Diabetes South Africa

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation



Flavoured Milk

Double the thickness, double the cream and double the flavour. Mad Max is the oldest of the brands that fall under Far End Dairy and is the name of the range of flavoured milk and milkshakes. Boasting with ISO 22000 certification.

Available in:

  • 200ml Mini Max

  • 300ml Double Thick

  • 350ml

  • 1Lt

Flavours include:

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Banana

  • Bubblegum

  • Creme Soda

  • Toffee Caramel

  • Cappuccino

  • Ice Coffee


High Caffeine Energy Drink

Hier kom die bok. Break the rules. Ironbok began with a dream – high intensity, high energy and high vitality. After years of tweaking the power of the Ironbok is yours, the energy boost you’ve been waiting for. Each flavour containing its own ingredients that provide specific functions.

Flavours include:

  • G2 with Ginseng & Guarana

  • SugarFree 0% with Ginseng & Guarana

  • TesTro with Gingko Biloba, Guarana & Wild Yam

  • Exam IQ with Gingko Biloba, Biotin H & Neuravena

  • Blitz with Taurine & Guarana

  • Tumeric & Medicated Honey with Ginseng & Guarana

  • Focus with Taurine, Gingko Biloba & Panax



Gourmet Soda

Like in the days of old. A Gourmet Soda revolution! With flavours to knock your socks off, there is no other choice than a refreshing Jelliboy Soda.

Nostalgic flavours include:

  • Mandarin Crush

  • Cotton Candy

  • Cherry Pop

  • Lime Squeeze & Soda

  • Kreme Soda

  • Banana Chews

  • Toffee Apple


Muscle Performance Drink

A product of Ironbok. MusclePower does not only boost muscle performance but tastes great at the same time. Boasting about 7 delicious flavours, each linked with a specific sport making it a product that is personalised for all.

These flavours include:

  • Pine Aerobics

  • Mango Bodybuilder

  • Banana Rugby

  • Granadilla Soccer

  • Fruity Runner

  • Limeberry Golfer

  • Blackcurrant Cyclist

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